Once Upon a Time in the...

WILD WEST the Panto!



The Ladies:

Miss Trixie Belle  Dame

Mary Ellen  Her Lovely Daughter

Miss Faith  Saloon Bar Gal

Miss Hope Saloon Bar Gal

Miss Charity  Saloon Bar Gal

The Good Guys:

The Sheriff Principal Boy

Deputy Doug His Deputy

The Bad Guy:

Black Jack McGuire

Railroad Baron

The Hill Billies:


Grandpa Joe

Dolores  Doug’s Sweetheart

Los Mexicanos

El Loco

El Poncho

El Sombrero


And Last But Not Least:

Champion the Panto Horse!

The Last Chance Ghostie


Yeeha!  Feisty Miss TrixieBelle faces ruination when villainous Black Jack McGuire hatches a dastardly plan to close down her Last Chance Saloon and build a brand spankin’ new railroad station in it's place!

But you can bet your bottom dollar that the good-hearted folks of Deadwood Gulch will rally round and the stage is soon set for a showdown at the hoe down!

Yeeha!  A finger lickin’, toe-tappin’, side-splittin’ script!

ACTion Community Theatre Co

A first class community panto!

Graham Dore, The Lincolnite

...After so many typical pantos, this came as a very pleasant change. The story line was excellent and...  I enjoyed it enormously!

Anne Key-Huckerby NODA

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