Treasure Island the Panto!



Britannia  A Sea Sprite

Davy Jones  Dead Man Walking!   

Jim Hawkins  Our Hero   

Mrs. Hawkins  Dame

Cap’n Billy Bones  An Old Sea-Dog

Black Dog  A Bad, Bold Buccaneer   

Blind Pew  A Scurvy Seafarer

Jolly Roger  Hello, Sailor!

Squire Trelawney  A Country Gent

Tilly Trelawney  His Lovely Daughter

Captain Smollett  Ship’s Captain

Long John Silver  Villainous Piratical Cove

Roaring Meg  Long John’s Light O’ Love

Cap’n Flint  A Pirate Parrot & Puppeteer

Ben Gunn                   


Ahoy, me hearties!  Join Jim Hawkins aboard the good ship Hispaniola for a swashbuckling tale of high drama, low cunning, villainous skulduggery and some very bad jokes, in this perfectly piratical pantomime! Freely adapted from the classic children’s story by Robert Louis Stephenson.

‘Buckle my swash!  A lively, fun-filled panto which delighted my kids and even brought a smile to Grandpa’s face - and he hates panto!’

Mr. Ed Kingston

I liked Polly Parrat [Sic], only she was called Kaptin Flint and she was very funny.

Molly aged 7

2011 commission for

The Terry O’Toole Theatre, Lincolnshire.

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Treasure Island the Panto!

Single Script

Production Set [15]