The Snow Queen

A Fairytale Pantomime



An enchanting pantomime, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale. Join Gerda on her adventures as she travels to the Far North in search of her ‘Best-friend-in-all-the-world’ Kai, who has been snatched-away by the evil Snow Queen.

On her journey, Gerda meets with many colourful characters who help her on her quest, including an Enchantress, Katya, the Robber Maid and her comical knockabout family, and a beautiful Princess.

And don’t forget: ‘Beware of the Yeti!’  It’s behind you!

“Just to let you know our production of "The Snow Queen" was very well received and the audiences were clearly delighted with the script.”

Vince Rose  Cockerton Youth Theatre


Hans Christian The Storyteller

The Snow Queen

The Mirror

Grandma Dorothé  Dame



Katya The Robber Maid

Boris Badunov The Robber


Molotov A Brigand

Smirnoff A Brigand

The Enchantress

Caw, the Court Raven

Princess Aleksia

Prince Valentin

Big Foot A Yeti

Little Toe A Yeti

Rudolfo of that Elk A Reindeer

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The Snow Queen

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Production Set [14]