The Miaowvellous Tale of

Puss in Boots



Cyrano Le Chat

Puss in Boots

Quasimodo  Town Crier

Monsier Avoirdupois

Mayor & Public Notary

Mme Fifi L’Amour

Dame and Mother to...

Jaçques Le Garçon

Jules  et Jim

Brothers to Jaçques


Henchman to...

Le Grand Comte L’Ogre

An Ogre

Le Duc`a L’Orange

Sophia`a L’Orange

His Lovely Daughter

M’selle Lorraine

Her Lady-in-Waiting, a


Herbes de Provence

Le Duc’s Secretary, A


Don Quixote  A Prize Ass

Le Lion Double for Ogre

Dancers / Company


Oooh, la, la! Join Puss in Boots, the cat with attitude, on his adventures in fairy tale France!

Cheer as the intrepid Mouseketeer battles to outwit evil hench-man L’Escargot and help his master, Jaçques, rescue his true love from the clutches of gruesome Le Grand Comte L’Ogre.

Sigh as True Love wins through and laugh at the exuberance and joi de vivre of an original cast of pantomime characters!

"What fun! An enchanting family pantomime - quite delightful!"

Anne Key Huckerby  NODA

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Puss in Boots

Single Script

Production Set [14]