Dracula the Panto!



Countess Vampira

Count Vladimir Dracula XIII

A reluctant Vampyr

Donner & Blitzen

Henchpersons to Vampira

Floss The Tooth Fairy

Sir Toby Jugg

A Gentleman Explorer

Miss Crystal Jugg

His Daughter, an English Rose

Bertie Boots Sir Toby’s Valet


Sir Toby’s Faithful Hound

Miss Flora Bundy

Nanny to Miss Crystal

Hans Von Spentall

A Transylvanian Innkeeper

Liesl His Lovely Daughter


A Tiny Vampyr Bat


Once every hundred years on Friday 13th, as the moon reaches it’s zenith, the clock strikes midnight and a lone wolf howls in the wood, a Vampyr from the ancient line of Vlad Dracul inherits the title ‘Terror of the Night’!

Vladimir, thirteenth Count-elect, doesn’t want to be a Vampyr; he goes all wibbly-wobbly at the very mention of blood and is vegetarian to boot but his mother, the Countess Vampira, has her own evil plans for Vlad’s destiny.

Only one thing can save Vlad from a fate worse than Undeath: true love!

“Our production was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to a brilliant script!"

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