Dick Turpin the Panto!



Tom Turpin 

Dick Turpin  Our Hero!

Harry Turpin

Betty Turpin  Dame

Black Bess

Uncle Bob

Aunt Fanny

Miss Mavis Enderby  Heroine!

Old Bolingbroke 

Marigold  A Dairymaid

Buttercup  A Dairymaid

Daisy the Cow

Sir Carlton Scroop  A Bad Lot!

YellowBelly Valet to Scroop

Sir Claxby Pluckacre  JP

Lady Donna Nook

The Boggle

Court Clerk

2 Constables


Stand and Deliver!

Villainous Sir Carlton Scroop has a cunning plan: to abduct sweet heiress Miss Mavis Enderby, whisk her away to Gretna Green and marry her, thus getting his hands on her fortune and the fabulously famous Enderby Emeralds!

Can her one true love, dashing Dick Turpin, yeoman farmer and ‘Gentleman of the Highway’, rescue her in the nick of time?

Oh, yes, he can!

‘Delightful from start to finish.  There were numerous innovative notions and jokes which found great favour with the audience.’


‘Dick Turpin the Panto!’ robbed the audience of the winter blues!...

A rip-roaring pantomime... and a night to remember.’

Lincolnshire Echo reviewer

2013 commission for

The Terry O’Toole Theatre, Lincolnshire.

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Dick Turpin the Panto!

Single Script

Production Set [18]