Fairy Godmother



Baron Herbert Hardup

Baroness Lucretia Hardup

Miss Belladonna Hardup

Miss Donnatella Hardup

Prince Charming


Oddjob & Bodgit

The Broker’s Men

The Hairy Scary Monster


A delightful re-telling of everyone’s favourite pantomime story!

Sweet Cinderella is much put-

upon by her wicked stepmother,

Lucretia and step-sisters Belladonna

and Donnatella; her only true friend

is Buttons – always ready to defend her and bring a smile to her lovely face.

Prince Charming despairs of anyone ever loving him for himself, rather than his wealth and title and so swaps identities with his loyal servant, Dandini.

Add a chance meeting in the woods, the comical Broker’s Men, a Grand Ball and a sprinkle of fairy dust from Cinders’ kindly fairy Godmother and you have the perfect family panto!

"Having seen a number of Peta’s pantomimes I knew that I was in for a really good time and Cinderella was no exception!

The script was highly amusing for adults and children alike!”

Anne Key Huckerby NODA

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Single Script

Production Set [11]