Jade Slave of the Ring


Wishee Washee

Ping Pong the Panda


So Hi & So Lo

Chinese Policemen

Widow Twankey

Lady Su-Shi

Princess Bijou

Emperor Ying Yang

Empress Ginseng

Li Ting Genie of the Lamp

Fez A Mummy


A traditional, fun-filled pantomime

with a host of well-loved characters.

Laugh aloud with Widow Twankey, happy-go-lucky Wishee Washee and

their special friend, Ping Pong,

the Imperial Panda.

Cheer Aladdin as he battles to outwit the ever-wily Abanazer and rejoice in the traditional happy ending, as Aladdin is reunited with the beautiful Princess Bijou.

“...With daft dialogue, comic characters, lots of slapstick, chases and traditional panto business, [the show is] great fun!”  Lincoln Chronicle

A super, traditional pantomime; the little ones loved Ping Pong Panda and the grumpy Genie of the Lamp!”  Audience member

BBC Radio Lincolnshire Pantomime 2001

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Single Script

Production Set [14]